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The Foreign Section Trust celebrates the international community's role in Japan's history and helps preserve a record of individuals' activities and achievements.

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Grave listings

The results from the 2/27 mapping are online here:

Download file

See pictures of all South side plots.

See pictures of North side plots under threat.

The plots are grouped into blocks as they appear on the map. Among other details, the file also shows the names as they appear in the Kampo (publication of plots in default) and on the memorials.

The plots highlighted in turquoise show the plots that were identified as in the Kampo with notices posted in front of the memorials. The light yellow plots show those that were listed as "unknown" in the Kampo and notices. Some of these have names on the memorials that may lead to surviving family members somewhere in the world.

Send hot leads about surviving family members for the memorials slated for removal to fst @ We are also looking for volunteers to look into the names of the memorials slated for removal in other parts of Aoyama Bochi.

Differences and errors in spelling notwithstanding, the multitude of discrepancies underscores the importance of tracking down surviving family members wherever they may be around the world.

Posted by Jonathan on March 7, 2005

Threatened Graves

Click for larger image

There are 68 plots with notices--some have multiple notices. The plots marked in blue are those in danger of being removed for non-payment of fees.

Posted by Kristen on March 1, 2005



We know who to call to see about existing documentation for the bochi, and we're going to call them tomorrow. Above is the map posted in the cemetery. An up-to-date, official version of this must exist, and we're after a copy of it.

We'll then go through and photograph each plot, linking it against it's entry on the map (somehow).


Posted by Kristen on February 19, 2005

Map of Gaijin Bochi
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