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December 28, 2007

New sign

 New sign for the Foreign Section in Aoyama cemetery

Information about the Foreign Section has been etched into a new metal sign to the left of the memorial stone.

Close-ups of parts of the sign and accompanying higher resolution pictures are below:

 Text at the top of the sign

The text at the top of the sign. A higher resolution picture is here.

(Roughly translated) In Meiji 10, the Foreign Section was established and designated as an area for burial of foreigners in Aoyama cemetery. The first burial was in Meiji 13. After Meiji 32, it lost its special status and became part of Aoyama cemetery. The people who contributed to the modernization of Japan and their families are buried here. The graves are maintained by their descendants and relatives. The graves which don't have anybody to pay their maintenance fees after Heisei 18, are in the custody of Tocho. The unique headstones reflect the pride and caring of the families and friends that erected them. You are invited to walk around and discover the people who helped to modernize Japan, how their families and friends felt about them, and the era. (A better translation would be welcome!)

 list of important people

A list of important people and their location in the Foreign Section is on the bottom left of the sign. A higher resolution picture is here.

 map of the Foreign Section

A map of the entire Foreign Section is in the bottom right of the sign. Higher resolution picture is here.

This map replaces the old map. Notice that although the layout of the plots is essentially the same as in the the old map, the old one has the names of the important people AND "unimportant" people. This erasure of the "unimportant" people from the public record is of concern.

 Letter requesting approval for the establishment of the foreign section to the central govt. from Tocho and the central govt's approval.

A letter requesting approval for the establishment of the Foreign Section to the Central govt. from Tocho and the central govt's approval is in the middle of the sign. A higher resolution picture is here.

Posted by Jonathan at December 28, 2007 06:04 PM

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