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The Foreign Section Trust celebrates the international community's role in Japan's history and helps preserve a record of individuals' activities and achievements.

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May 10, 2005

Founding members

Welcome to the founding members of the Foreign Legacy Society (pending NPO approval) who attended the establishment meeting on May 9th and paid their membership entry fees:

Andy Edsall
Jeremy Hedley
Sachiko Ito
Brian Masshardt
Kristen McQuillin
Anthony Millington
Kate Nakai
Jim O'Connell
Heidrun Maike Roeder
Bruce Sloan
Laurent Swinnen
Noriko Tsuda
Edwin Whatley
Jonathan Wilder

Anyone joining before the submission of the NPO application will be considered a founding member. To become a member, please remit 3000 yen plus your name, address , telephone and e-mail. Further details by e-mail at

Posted by Kristen at May 10, 2005 10:14 AM

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The Foreign Legacy Society is a pending NPO. Until the application is processed and approved, we will “do business” as the Foreign Section Trust an unofficial group. Be aware no one can engage in activities under FLS auspices, as the auspices don’t exist. Any infringement of this could cause the NPO application to be rejected.