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June 02, 2005

Interviews & Research --SAT, JUN 4

Everyone is welcome to drop by on an informal gathering in the foreign section planned for Saturday, June 4 @ 2:30.

Andy will be leading a fact-checking mission and welcomes others to assist.

Jonathan will be recording a podcast interviewing Donatella Failla, head of the Chiossone Museum in Genoa. Will also interview others that are present on their interest in preserving the foreign section.

If it is raining intermittently, we will go ahead with the plan. If it is raining heavily, Sunday, June 5, 2-ish will be the rain date.

青山霊園 外人墓地



FSTの発起人、ジョナサン・ワイルダーが、ドナテッラ・ファイッラ氏(イタリアのChiossone Museum、ジェノバ)にインタビューします。



雨天の場合は、順延になります。   6月5日(日)14:00〜

Posted by Jonathan at June 2, 2005 02:24 PM

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